What we do

Collective bargaining and representing individual members is a vital part of what we do. But as a modern, progressive union and professional body, we also seek to influence national, European and global policy-makers, to inform the public about our industry, and to ensure that the highest possible safety and training standards are in place.

Discover more about how the Union helps its members in a series of videos covering what we do.

We negotiate

Nautilus International negotiates on issues such as wages, leave, tour lengths, health and safety, sick pay and onboard facilities.»

We advise

There is always someone on hand to give advice to Nautilus members.»

We protect

The sea is a dangerous place to work, but wherever you go, Nautilus International is there to protect you.»

We uphold standards

Nautilus is the voice of maritime and inland waterways professionals at national, European and global standard-setting bodies. »

We organise

Nautilus International is both a trade union and a professional organisation. On this page we focus on the trade union aspects. »

We train

Nautilus International supports members to gain the skills and training they need, for Union work and for their careers.»

We inspire

Nautilus has a responsibility to inspire young people to take up careers as maritime professionals and boatmen. »

We campaign

Nautilus works relentlessly to represent members' interests and highlight their concerns.»

We connect

Nautilus builds connections within the seafaring and inland waterways community, and seeks to raise public awareness of the industry.»

We discount

Nautilus has negotiated a wide range of deals and discounts on goods and services for members. »

We care

Nautilus has a long and proud history of caring for seafarers – serving and retired – as well as their family members. »

We plan for retirement

Nautilus is involved in the oversight of seafarers' pension schemes including the MNOPF and MNOPP, and runs the Nautilus Pensions Association.»