We advise

We advise

As a Nautilus member, there is always someone there for you, whatever time zone you’re in.

Union personnel in our various national offices will be pleased to help you via phone or email. And to make sure we’re available to members around the clock, we run a multilingual out-of-office-hours helpline called Nautilus 247, which members can contact through phone, email, Livechat, Skype and text message.

Much of the Union’s day-to-day contact with members is focussed on informal advice; you don’t have to wait until you’re involved in an official disciplinary or grievance case to get in touch and talk something over with our experienced personnel.

Workplace advice – formal and informal

When Nautilus members contact the Union for help, they are often asked to fill in a form to help Nautilus personnel to gather all the information they need to assist someone. This also allows members to give permission for the Union to act on their behalf if they later decide to ‘make it official’.

But if you would prefer to have an informal chat in the first instance, please don’t hesitate to say so. For example, Nautilus members often call the Union to ask for informal guidance on matters such as bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Talking this over with someone well-informed but impartial can often help you handle a situation yourself – or to decide whether you want formal action to be taken. We also have a network of volunteer lay representatives, members like you who are trained to advise and assist members working for the same company.

Please log in to the Members area of this site to find the appropriate Nautilus official to contact (this may be the person responsible for your company, or perhaps the official designated to support, for example, female members or young members).

Work-related legal advice

If you have a work-related legal matter to discuss, we are happy to give informal advice on this before taking it further (which will only happen with your consent). You might want advice on whether you are eligible for compensation for a workplace injury, for example – or you may be wondering whether to report past exposure to asbestos. Our Contact us page will tell you how to get in touch with our legal team. For more on how we can help you take a case forward once you've made that initial contact, see the We protect page.

General legal advice

At Nautilus, legal advice is not restricted to employment tribunals or workplace accident and injury claims. Members can contact our Netherlands branch for advice on Dutch income tax issues, and in the UK we offer a legal helpline service to members and their families providing up to 30 minutes’ free advice on most legal issues, including consumer, family, and housing law. To find out more about this, please log in to the Members area of this site.

Advisory publications

Nautilus publishes guidance for members on a range of topics. These may be related to challenges in the maritime workplace, such as our guides on maternity and paternity rights and on identifying and tackling bullying and harassment at work. Or the publications may help members understand legal or policy changes in the shipping industry, like our guide to the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.

All Nautilus publications are available on this website as PDFs to download. We also carry a limited number of print copies which members can request free of charge, while stocks last, by contacting the Central Services department


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