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Nautilus strives to build connections within the seafaring community

Nautilus strives to build connections within the seafaring and inland waterways community through the Nautilus Telegraph, the Kompass newsletter, our website, and social media. We also work hard to raise public awareness of merchant seafaring and inland navigation.

Our communications strategies help to unite maritime professionals – prospective, present and past – through opportunities to connect and network. We work with a wide range of organisations to raise the profile of the maritime sector and explain its critical economic, environmental, strategic and social importance.

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Media contacts

Nautilus is recognised as the voice of maritime professionals, and our officials are often invited to speak to the media on topical issues. The Union maintains an extensive network of contacts with journalists from the specialist and mainstream media, and we regularly issue press releases on important developments or to highlight key campaigns.

In recent years, Nautilus officials have helped to direct publicity onto such crucial issues as maritime safety, seafarer training, piracy, criminalisation, and unfair competition in the shipping industry. See the news section for updates on the latest developments within the Union and the industry.

The Nautilus Telegraph

As well as providing a much-needed source of news and comment about matters often neglected in the mainstream press, the Telegraph helps to build a sense of community among its readers. The monthly newspaper is more than just a successful trade union journal; it is read very widely throughout the industry and engages readers from all ranks and roles in lively debate through its letters pages. Maritime professionals are also encouraged to share their personal stories and technical expertise by writing articles for the Telegraph or taking part in interviews with the Union’s journalists.

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Social media

The Nautilus website provides a constantly updated information resource for members and the public. Through TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook, the Union not only provides topical comment but also active communication channels with members and the wider world.

Our social media forums encourage maritime professionals throughout the world to engage in the discussions that are important to them – and to make friends and acquaintances in the wider industry. In this way, we connect like-minded people around the globe, helping them feel part of a cohesive maritime community. Our LinkedIn forums for women members and for young members are particularly appreciated, as young seafarers and women tend to be in a minority onboard ship and may not frequently encounter others in their position.

External relations

Nautilus often works in partnership with other groups and organisations to highlight the value of the shipping industry and the continued importance of maritime skills. Officials speak at external conferences and events, and give active support to international and national initiatives such as World Maritime Day and Seafarers’ Awareness Week.

We liaise with other organisations in the maritime sector to develop strong and coherent messages about seafarer training, and to promote careers in the industry. We have worked with other industry bodies - such as P&I clubs, maritime lawyers, and employer representatives - to highlight particular safety and welfare issues; and we maintain close links with organisations such as the Seafarers’ International Research Centre to ensure that there is reliable scientific evidence on social and organisational aspects of modern-day seafaring.

Knowledge base

Information is the most important element of the Union’s awareness-raising activities, and we produce a wide range of material to support our campaign work. Specialist reports and briefing documents, leaflets, posters and promotional material, are all key elements in the constant fight to generate interest in the maritime sector. Members’ support is vital – both in using the material to best effect and in helping with the research and development of reports.

To find out more about the range of resources and material that we produce please visit the What we say section. Here you will find all our recent publications and news, and can take part in specialist surveys to ensure that we continue to represent the views of our members.

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