We discount

We discount

Nautilus has negotiated a wide range of deals and discounts on goods and services for members. These are all designed with members’ needs in mind and will deliver savings at work and at home.

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Nautilus Plus - for all members

The Nautilus Plus discounts package is based in the UK but available to all members of the Union, whatever their home country. It offers discounts on a range of health and leisure services – from health club membership and eyecare to days out, car hire and even package holidays.

When travelling, you can get discounts on special services at airports, such as parking and lounge access. Back at home, you can get special members’ business rates for room hire and IT training – and much more. There's cashback on purchases from major UK retailers. A mortgage broker service tailored for members is also available as part of the Nautilus Plus package.

Nautilus members: log in to the Members area now to access your special link and start saving money with Nautilus Plus.

UK Branch discounts

Home energy savings

Union Energy is an energy price comparison service owned by the UK union federation TUC. It can help you find the cheapest energy supplier in your area. Union Energy's service is completely free and savings are generally around £150 per annum.

Nautilus UK members: log in to the Members area now to access the Union Energy service.

Personal, home and family legal services

Nautilus International offers members and their families a range of legal advice and assistance on non-employment matters.  UK-based members and their close relatives are entitled to a range of discounted or even free legal services. These include accident claims, disease claims, clinical negligence claims, family law, housing advice, conveyancy, personal insolvency, will-making and power of attorney.

Nautilus UK members: log in to the Members area now to access your discounted and free personal home and family legal services.

Specialist tax advice

As many seafarers are out of their country of residence for substantial periods of time, they can be entitled to certain tax concessions, and Nautilus recommends obtaining specialist advice about this. 


Seatax offers members sailing under a foreign flag agreement a 10% reduction on enrolment fee and a 5% reduction on re-enrolment.

Nautilus UK members: log in to the Members area now to access the specialist tax advice recommended by Nautilus.


Crew Family Office (CrewFO) — one of the Union's large yacht strategic partners — can offer Nautilus UK members with discounts on help to complete UK tax returns, or the CrewFO ‘Preferred Plus’ membership, which gives members access to its UK tax return service and other advice. This discount is available to all UK members, not just yacht crew.

Nautilus UK members: To take advantage of the CrewFO offer, members will need to log in to the members area to find the CrewFo discount code. 


Nautilus has secured a 10% discount for members undertaking any training courses with the Maritime Skills Academy (MSA) in Dover in 2017.

To obtain the discount — which is available for 12 months with effect from 1 February 2017 — members should quote the code NAUT2017. A membership status check will be carried out by the MSA in conjunction with the Union’s membership team in Wallasey. Other terms and conditions also apply.


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Netherlands branch discounts

Members of the Nautilus Netherlands branch can use their Nautilus membership card to make use of a special benefits programme from the FNV union federation. This entitles you to exclusive benefits and discounts on products and services such as holidays, insurance, and home energy bills. In addition, there are one-off special offers with different companies offered every two months by the FNV scheme.

Nautilus NL members: go to the FNV website to claim your discounts on the products and services below, using your Nautilus membership card, or contact the Nautilus Netherlands office for help.


The FNV scheme offers a wide range of non-life insurances with discounts up to 8%.


Save up to 20% on holidays with one of the many tours offered on the FNV website.


Looking for training to achieve your dreams and ambitions? You can receive up to 20% discount on various courses.

Home energy savings

Save around €200 per year on green energy.

Specialist tax advice 

FNV experts can help you fill out your tax returns. You can also all get year-round at the FNV tax service for follow-up care on a range of other issues. For specialist advice for employees in the nautical sector, you can also contact our experts in the Nautilus NL office.

Nautilus NL members: remember to go to the FNV website to claim your discounts on the products and services above, using your Nautilus membership card, or contact the Nautilus Netherlands office for help.

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Switzerland branch discounts

Switzerland branch members can get discounts for travel, leisure and legal insurance, as well as help with boatmen's certification renewal, and special offers on technical literature. These are detailed below, and can be claimed by contacting the Nautilus Switzerland office.

In addition, you are entitled to the same FNV discounts package as Netherlands branch members. Just go to the FNV website with your Nautilus membership card to claim the FNV discounts. 

Travel and leisure

Get 20% off Reka-Checks, which you can use towards the cost of public transport, some restaurants and short breaks at holiday villages owned by Reka. The holiday stays are provided in the Swiss tradition of social holidays — set up as part of the social partnerships system dating back to the 1930s. 

Insurance, legal and professional services

Legal insurance: Members who are living in Switzerland can get discounts on COOP legal insurance for SFr 108 per year, instead of SFr 375, and discounts on services at the Coop bank.

Patent renewal certification: While most employers pay for boatmen's certification renewal, on the rare occasion where this doesn’t happen, members can apply to the Nautilus Switzerland office for discretionary financial help up to the value of up to SFr 200 towards the cost of their renewal certifications.  


Movendo is the training institute of unions in the SGB federation, and aims to support workers in their rights and obligations in the workplace. Nautilus members can get financial help from the Union towards the costs of Movendo courses.

Technical literature

Help is on offer to update your professional knowledge with discounted deals on technical literature relevant to your work.

Nautilus CH members: remember, to claim your discounts on the products and services above, please contact the Nautilus Switzerland office.

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