College visits

College visit to Fleetwood

Nautilus International’s recruitment teams run regular recruitment drives in nautical colleges and at maritime events and exhibitions.

College visits take place throughout the year but tend to be concentrated in the intake periods of January/February and September/October. The dates of upcoming college visits will be displayed here.

If you are a staff member looking to arrange a Nautilus visit to your maritime college, contact

Officer cadets and other trainees can also request individual support from the Nautilus industrial organiser assigned to their nautical college. Cadet members can find out which industrial organiser to contact in the Members area of this site

Upcoming college visits

Each visit incorporates the Union's college to sea and bullying and harassment seminars, along with a drop-in session afterwards where cadets can meet Nautilus representatives. A full schedule will be published closer to the events.


CONTACT: Lee  Moon; tel +44 (0)151 639 8454; or email

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