Symposium: Jobs, Skills and the Future

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Maritime professionals attended a symposium in October 2016 held by Nautilus International on the theme of Jobs, Skills and the Future.

As the shipping industry grapples with the global downturn, Brexit and the impact of the cuts in the offshore oil and gas sector, were all critical themes of the maritime symposium held during the fifth Nautilus UK branch conference in 2016.

The topics being debated also supported one of three key new strategic campaigns launched by the Union.

Following the Nautilus UK Branch Conference in the morning of 4 October 2016, the Union unveiled its new Charter for Jobs, containing 10 actions government and industry must take to respond to the maritime skills crisis.

The symposium on how government and the shipping industry can work together to make the 10-point plan a reality was held after the charter launch.

The debate was facilitated by Theresa Crossley, executive director of the UK Major Ports Group.

Speakers included:

  • Nautilus general secretary Mark Dickinson
  • Chamber of Shipping chief executive officer Guy Platten — a former ship’s officer
  • Department for Transport deputy director, Rod Paterson — who has been charged with implementing the outcomes of the Maritime Growth Study
  • Nautilus deputy general secretary Marcel van den Broek — who will discuss the Dutch maritime cluster experience.

This event was open to all interested parties, whether or not they are Nautilus members. 

UK branch October 2016

Cardiff Bay, Wales