Strategic campaigns

The maritime industry is a global industry, which has a local impact. For Nautilus members this means that issues on the other side of the world can have a big impact on their lives.

Because of these large scale issues the Union will be focussing more resources on strategic campaigning — fighting to secure a better deal for our members in the face of these global challenges.

These strategic campaigns are not the only areas that the Union campaigns on, they simply provide a focus of activity and specific objectives until the General Meeting 2019. Read the range of other issues the Union campaigns on in the Campaigns section.

Campaigning of any type is only successful if your message is heard. Therefore, Nautilus has produced a short animation In order to inform the public, politicians and other decision makers about the vital importance of the maritime industry.

Jobs, Skills and the Future

This theme is central to everything Nautilus International stands for as a union.»

Crew communications

Seeking to persuade shipping companies to give internet access to all members.»

Fair Treatment

Focusing on the fair treatment of seafarers, and in particular the promotion of the ILO/IMO Fair Treatment Guidelines. »