General cargo

general cargo ship

The ‘general cargo’ category covers bulk carriers and coasters. Nautilus members on coasters generally operate around the UK, the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. Those on the larger bulk carriers work all over the world. Personnel numbers vary, but tend not to go much beyond the legal minimum safe manning requirement for a vessel.

On general cargo vessels, the personnel most likely to be Nautilus members are shipmasters and ship’s officers (navigation, engineering and electro-technical).  Where other unions do not organise, Nautilus will accept ratings as members.

Collective bargaining agreements

Nautilus has collective bargaining (recognition) agreements with the following companies in this sector. For company-specific bulletins and other documents for members, please log in to the Members area. There is more about how collective bargaining works on the We organise and We negotiate pages.

  • ABC Maritime
  • Absolute Shipping
  • Carisbrooke
  • Fairmont Shipping
  • Intrada
  • Spliethoff

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