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Did you know that one in six seafarers have access to video calls and just over half have email access while at sea?

If you did, then chances are you are aware of the Nautilus Connectivity at Sea survey. The findings have been key to our strategic campaign to persuade shipping companies to give internet access to all members (and by extension all seafarers).

Statistics about the quantity, health and working conditions of seafarers are far and few between – often a reflection of 'sea-blindness'. Your participation in our specialist maritime surveys is essential to our work giving voice to the needs and wishes of our seafaring community. The surveys also inform our campaigns and Union policy, and contribute to our work with other industry bodies to ensure we are meeting members' needs.

Other topics for these surveys have included workplace bullying and harassment, seafarer criminalisation, and cadets' pay and conditions. The survey findings are reported to the Union's governing Council, or one of our national committees if appropriate. The findings are also shared with other members, the wider shipping industry, and relevant government bodies through publication in the Nautilus Telegraph or in separate reports.

In addition, we sometimes give members the opportunity to take part in maritime surveys run by external research bodies – particularly when those surveys are organised by Nautilus members.

To speak to Nautilus about collaborating on a survey, please contact the Communications department at

Latest surveys

ETF Youth survey

Nautilus young maritime professionals are encouraged speak up on relevant issues in their workplace by taking part the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) survey, which is aimed at finding out what key issues are facing young (under 35 year old) transport workers in Europe , and what their interests are.

The survey has been organised by the ETF Youth Committee, who are also asking for volunteers from young workers willing to take part in short videos about their work, why they chose their jobs, what they think about the future of the industry. These will be published on social media an the ETF website.

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