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Hull hosts Falklands 40 weekend

30 June 2022

The northeast England city of Kingston-upon-Hull is noted for its Merchant Navy Falklands veterans, many of whom served on the ferry Norland, which was 'taken up from trade' as a troop carrier. Nautilus member Keith Thompson MNM is one of the Norland veterans, and a major driving force behind a weekend of Falklands 40 commemorative events held in Hull.


The Nautilus wreath laid in tribute to the Union members and all Merchant Navy seafarers involved in the conflict

Also involved was locally-based Nautilus caseworker John Norris, who attended events both sombre and celebratory, and represented the Union at a wreath-laying ceremony in memory of Merchant Navy seafarers who gave their lives in the Falklands conflict.

Mr Norris said that the weekend had seen a good turnout by veterans, the armed forces and the public. 'It was a pleasure and an honour to represent our organisation at the various events over the weekend – to meet many seafarers and publicise the work we undertake on their behalf as well as commemorate the events that occurred 40 years ago in the liberation of the Falkland Islands.'


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