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Nautilus International represents 20,000 maritime professionals including ship masters, officers, cadets and industry personnel, such as ship pilots, inland navigation workers, vessel traffic services operators, harbourmasters, seafarers in the oil and gas industry, and shore-based staff.

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The Nautilus Champions programme engages members directly in the Union's campaigning, communications and development work.

Nautilus Champions act as spokespeople for the Union and help shape its future. They breathe energy into development and recruitment initiatives, and bring a more diverse and representative voice to the Union.

Emma Walters

RFA Officer Read her story

Allan Dickson

Second engineer Read Allan's story

Deniss Cernakovs

Senior second officer Read his story

Nic Gardner

Deck officer Read her story

Dawn Franklyn

Deck officer Read her story

Charlie Gibbons

Skipper Read his story

Gareth Hampton

Deck cadet Read his story

Sofiia Skorokhod

Chief stewardess Read her story

Martel Fursdon

Safety officer Read her story

Ella Mackinem

Deck cadet Read her story

Fraser Matthew

Master Read his story

Tenyon Latter

Chief engineer Read his story

Lungi Mchunu

Yacht skipper Read her story

Ross Cleland

Third officer, Council member Read his story

Sam Belfitt

Third officer, Council member Read her story

Stephen Gudgeon

Master, Council member Read his story

Harley Vardakis

Third engineer Read his story

Jamie Edwards

Second officer Read his story

James Sherwood

Deck officer Read his story

Pavol Belina

Engineer Read his story

Thomas Stapley-Bunten

Cadet Read his story

Petra van den Corput

Read her story

Emily Reeves

Tug AB Read her story

David Pirie

Cadet Read his story

Thomas Rapley

Deck officer cadet Read his story

Meet more members

We hear from the individual and diverse voices of all our members. All members are welcome to contribute.

Georgina Lindsay

Chief officer Read her story

Emma-Louise Elgar

RFA first officer Read her story

Steve May

Fleet safety trainer Read his story

Samantha Morris

Yacht purser Read her story

Helen Coultas

Chief officer Read her story

Francis Cox-Palmer-White

RFA cadet Read his story

Cora Bonham

Second officer Read her story

Barbara Campbell

Master Read her story

Catherine Caseman

ETO cadet Read her story

Barbara Charlton

Master Read her story

Jennie Doyle

First officer Read her story

Heather Enness

Second officer/DPO Read her story

Shannon Gray

Third engineer Read her story

Sarah Hartley-Rudd

Marine engineering cadet Read her story

Chaynee Hodgetts

Lawyer Read her story

Lindsey Jessop

First officer Read her story

Ellie Johnson

Third officer Read her story

Rose King

Retired ETO Read her story

Alix McDermott

Third officer Read her story

Hazel Sivori

First officer Read her story

Karley Smith

Dynamic positioning officer Read her story

Santa Tetere

Third officer Read her story

Carolyn Vincent

Master Read her story

Pip Whalley

First officer Read her story

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