Sea to City initiative

Nautilus International and Maritime London have launched a 'Sea to City' initiative to encourage seafarers who are looking to move ashore to consider moving to City jobs.

The maritime professional services sector has a constant requirement for seafaring skills in order to remain effective. London is seen as one of the major global hubs for the maritime services sector (known as 'City' jobs) and therefore Nautilus members in the UK are perfectly placed to take advantage of these opportunities when they choose to move into a shore-based position.

A Nautilus International survey in 2019 found that many seafarers do not get much information from their companies on the opportunities that exist ashore and most are unaware of what additional qualifications or training they might need to make the most of a career move.

What is Nautilus doing?

Nautilus International and Maritime London, the industry body representing maritime professional services in the UK of which Nautilus is a member, have launched a new initiative 'Sea to City' to encourage seafarers who are looking to move ashore to consider moving to City jobs.

This project will highlight the job opportunities that exist in the sector over, the skills and qualifications needed to take advantage of them and organise a small mentoring scheme to pair members currently working in the maritime services sector with those who may be considering a move.

Members who work in maritime services are encouraged to come forward to provide advice and support encourage to apply to be mentors. Members currently working at see who would be interested in a mentor already working in the sector should also apply.

The UK branch conference symposium in November will hear from a panel of speakers about working in the maritime services sector and the opportunities which exist for seafarers.

To attend the Sea to City symposium on November please register online. To apply to be a mentor or receive mentoring please contact


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UK branch and symposium

Bookings are now open for the Nautilus UK Branch Conference and Sea to City Symposium on 24 November 2020. The first half of the day will be an official Union policy-making meeting for UK Nautilus members. In the afternoon is the Sea to City Symposium.

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