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Worldwide lawyers directory

Nautilus recognises that our members work all over the world. Therefore, the Union has agreements in place with lawyers around the world to provide our members with free specialist advice in the event of an incident.

The full Worldwide lawyers directory is below.

Full members of Nautilus are eligible to access emergency legal support in 58 countries outside of those where Nautilus International already has an office. They can provide initial advice and representation on a wide range of employment-related issues.

If an incident occurs in the UK, Netherlands or Switzerland

If you are involved in an incident or need legal advice in the UK, Netherlands or Switzerland, please do not call one of the worldwide lawyers. The list does not contain any contacts for the Union's three home countries; members should log in to My Nautilus to contact their industrial organiser for advice and access to legal guidance.

If you are outside the UK, Netherlands or Switzerland

The A-Z list of worldwide lawyers is below. But whenever or wherever an incident occurs you should always contact the Union to let us know what's happening, even if you have already spoken to one of our worldwide lawyers. This will help to ensure that your issue is dealt with, for free, without any delay.

If you have any difficulty in obtaining legal advice from one of the worldwide lawyers listed, or the country you are in does not have a lawyer to contact, then please contact us immediately, whatever the time of day.

Nautilus International appointed lawyers

Full Nautilus International members are authorised to seek legal assistance and/or arrange initial representation from a Nautilus-appointed lawyer, not exceeding the cost of £2,400 (or equivalent in local currency), should they be involved in an inquiry relating to a marine casualty.

The Nautilus-appointed lawyer will contact our legal department to inform us that they have been approached by a Nautilus International member, but members themselves are also advised to contact us to ensure that the Union is aware of the situation.

A-Z list of lawyers

To find a lawyer in your country of incident, please download the directory as a PDF, or request a print copy from Nautilus. There is also the Seafarers' International (SRI) app, which contains the same list and is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. Please have your membership number to hand when you call your chosen lawyer.

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