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175,200 days, 480 months, 40 years since fire and rehire became commonplace.

Cannot believe that you are still talking about it!

Hope that you are suitably embarrassed at your dismal progress.


The editor responds:

As far as tackling 'fire and rehire' is concerned, this challenging issue remains a high priority for the Union, with extra weight given to our campaigning by a vote of members (in their own names) at the 2023 General Meeting. We are in regular talks on the matter with governments, shipowners and international bodies such as the IMO – as can be seen from the reports on the subject on our website and in the Telegraph magazine.

We believe that members of Nautilus International should be forthright about their opinions and willing to discuss them openly with fellow seafarers and Union officials, so we welcome all correspondence – as long as this is in your own name. We are always happy to publish letters with just your membership number if you prefer not to be identified, but it seems whoever sent this letter was too ‘embarrassed’ to identify him- or herself.

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