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Finnish Engineers' Association joins Nautilus Federation

10 March 2020

The Nautilus Federation was joined by a new affiliate in February the Finnish Engineers' Association (FEA).

Known in Finnish as Suomen Konepäällystöliitto and Swedish as Finska Maskinbefälsförbundet ry, the bilingual FEA represents engineer officers working onboard merchant vessels, alongside shoreside engineering roles.

Nautilus Federation director Mark Dickinson said: 'We are pleased to welcome FEA to the Federation. In an increasingly globalised industry, it is essential for like-minded unions to work together globally in the interests of all our members.

'As the Federation grows and develops, we are sure that many more unions will want to take part in the important role we play.'

FEA executive director Robert Nyman said: 'Finnish Engineers' Association decided to join Nautilus Federation because of the positive feedback we have received from our colleagues in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Through the membership we hope to gain information that can benefit our members.

'We are one of the oldest independent trade union in Finland (active since 1869). We promote economic and social interests for our members who are chief and master engineers and electrical engineers working both on vessels and on land.'

The Nautilus Federation is a group of 21 unions around the world, seeking to improve and expand the services they offer to their members.

Recently the Federation conducted a survey on STCW – the results of which will be published soon – and in 2019 published a report on fair treatment and criminalisation.

The Nautilus Federation also operates a flagship Joint Assistance and Support Network (JASON). JASON was created for union members of any of the Federation affiliates to access mutual support when faced with criminalisation in another affiliate's jurisdiction, ensuring that seafarers receive fair treatment from authorities.


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