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Maritime charities join forces to promote diversity in new workshops

13 May 2024

Maritime welfare charities have joined forces to deliver a number of workshops throughout the UK that aim to tackle prejudices and unconscious biases across the charity sector.

The Maritime Charities Group, Merchant Navy Welfare Board (MNWB), The Seafarers' Charity, Seafarers Hospital Society, Trinity House and the Fishermen's Mission are striving to create an inclusive work environment and a culture where everyone regardless of race, age, class and creed are treated fairly.

This will be done by a panel of senior staff from the respective organisations delivering presentations and activities to promote Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in each workshop.

The newly launched workshops will take place during MNWB's upcoming Port Welfare Committees (PWCs) in Southampton, Bristol, Humber, Scotland, Northern Ireland and London between May and October 2024. The Board has 15 PWCs in the UK, and a National Seafarers' Welfare Board in Gibraltar, which each meet three times a year and comprise representatives from government agencies, maritime charities, trade unions, port authorities and ship owners.

Chief executive of The Seafarers' Charity Deborah Layde said: 'In 2019, our analysis of maritime welfare charity boards' gender, age and time served revealed lack of visible and invisible diversity. EDI work with PWCs is incredibly important if we wish to continue to provide the very best for our UK and international seafarers.'

Trinity House's head of charitable giving Vikki Muir said: 'Increased diversity of thought and background will become increasingly crucial qualities in the maritime welfare sector, as we adapt and innovate to meet evolving needs from mariners and their dependants.'


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