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Nautilus seeks rota solution for IOMSPCo new build crew

23 September 2022

Nautilus International is working to find a solution for members with Manx Sea Transport (Guernsey) Ltd working on Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Ltd (IOMSPCo) vessels, who will be serving on the new build ferry Manxman.

Members that are used to working a one week on, one week off rota are concerned about plans to change to two weeks on and two weeks off. Following recent negotiations, it is understood that the company will be able to devise rosters that will meet individual preferences to work either a 1/1 or 2/2 rota.

The company has advised from the commencement of the new build discussions in early 2021 that the Manxman will be a live-onboard vessel, as will the Ben-my-Chree as it replaces the Arrow as a freight vessel. IOMSPCo has, however, agreed to consider reasonable adjustments for individuals whose circumstances mean that it would be difficult to live onboard, and members are currently being consulted on this. Additionally, it will try to allow seafarers that live on the Isle of Man to work on a different ship, the Manannan, so that they are able to return home.

Nautilus industrial organisers have met with both members and the company, and continue to work towards a solution that suits members.


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