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Nautilus spotlight on maritime careers transitions

27 June 2018

To help members get the information they need to progress in their maritime careers, Nautilus has put together some case studies from seafarers who share insights on what was helpful to them in transitioning to different roles within the industry.

The Union’s transition work reinforces its support for this year’s Seafarers' Awareness week theme to promote awareness of the wider work opportunities available in the maritime sector, and a recognition of the challenges many cadets are facing in finding jobs.

Using audio and video interview recordings, seafarers at various stages of their careers share their experiences – talking about what was helpful to them in making decisions about their future at work, and making suggestions for the sort of support they would like to see in place.

The transitions work stems from the Nautilus 2015 General Meeting, which agreed a resolution to help members get the information they need to progress in their careers, from when they first go to college, go to sea, attempt to rise through the ranks and – as many do – move to a shoreside job in the shipping industry.

The Union is also supporting research into shipping industry mentoring schemes, to examine ‘best practice’ methods for providing career advice and support for seafarers.

Maritime career transitions 



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