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Nautilus updates National Minimum Wage advice for members

11 March 2021

Nautilus International has updated its advice to members regarding the UK national minimum wage (NMW).

All seafarers are entitled to receive the minimum wage if they work on a UK ship, perform some work in the UK and ordinarily reside in the UK. From 1 October 2020 the NMW was extended to those seafarers who serve aboard a ship that works in UK territorial waters or the UK sector of the continental shelf, no matter their country of residence, nationality or the flag of the vessel.
Even seafarers aboard vessels that serve outside these areas may now be entitled – for example, if they routinely join and leave their ship at a UK port.

From 1 April 2021 the NMW rates have been increased. The increases apply even if a seafarer's employment agreement says otherwise.

Seafarers who believe they have been underpaid can complain and seek redress via HMRC, which enforces the national minimum wage. However, union members should seek advice from their union. Members of Nautilus International should make contact with their industrial officer in the first instance.

Full advice from the Union on the NMW can be found in the Members Area of the Nautilus site.


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