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TUC creates draft bill to ensure worker protections in the age of AI

19 April 2024

The TUC has published a draft bill that lays out a clear plan for the regulation of AI in the workplace, in order to ensure transparency and fairness for workers, and rights to redress against the ethical dilemmas of 'black box' (automatic algorithmic) management decisions.

The Artificial Intelligence (Regulation and Employment Rights) Bill draws upon global expertise from organisations including the AI Law Consultancy at Cloisters chambers, the Cambridge University Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, the Ada Lovelace Institute, CIPD, the British Computer Society, trade unions and cross-party MPs.

The draft Bill – which is available to any government wishing to make use of it – regulates the use of artificial intelligence systems by employers in relation to workers, employees and jobseekers to protect their rights and interests in the workplace.

It also provides for trade union rights in relation to the use of artificial intelligence systems by employers, addresses the risks associated with the deployment of artificial intelligence systems in the field of employment, and enables the development of safe, secure and fair artificial intelligence systems in the employment field.

Were it to become law, the rights and obligations contained in the Bill would be enforceable in an Employment Tribunal, which is ordinarily a 'no cost' jurisdiction where the parties are responsible for their own costs regardless of outcome.


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