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Financial support

Cadet or captain, the cost of living crisis affects us all – but trainees have been hit particularly hard. Here's how the Union is working on your behalf, plus advice on grants and other financial matters.

We believe all cadets should have the money they need to complete their studies without enduring financial hardships. That's why we're campaigning for cadet courses to be fully funded, and pushing for companies to increase cadet pay.

Nautilus surveys have revealed that cadets are hit especially hard by the rising cost of living.

Many members have told us about cutting back on heating and other essentials and visiting family less often.

Join us in the fight for cadet funding!

We have a long history of fighting for cadet funding. After years of campaigning, the UK government agreed in 2022 to fund 50% of cadet training costs – and we're now pushing for 100%, as is already the case for cadets with our Netherlands branch.

We're also taking action to ensure that more of the money sent by the government goes to cadets, as originally intended, instead of staying with the training companies.

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This situation cannot go on. Some cadets have even dropped out of their studies for financial reasons – a disaster for them personally, and for the UK government which claims that it wants to build a strong maritime industry.

Nautilus International wants to change all of this for the better.

Our support

Nautilus International is currently working on new ways to financially support cadets, in light of the current situation.

Nautilus members are already entitled to money off services such as tax advice, insurance discounts and advice on pension matters.

There are also discounts that can help to see you through your cadetship, including money off your supermarket shopping and other purchases. This is arranged through the Nautilus Plus scheme.

Useful resources

SAIL provides free confidential advice on benefits, money worries, charity grants, pensions and much more:

The Safety Net is a one-stop-shop providing bespoke information and support for UK seafarers and their families on personal savings, money management, credit choices, debt advice, and relationship and mental health support:

In the Netherlands, the Foundation Training and Development Fund for Sea Shipping offers educational bursaries and grants:

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