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The offshore industry covers oil and gas extraction and renewables, such as wind turbines.

A seafarer's involvement in this work is usually as a crew member on a support vessel or an emergency response and rescue vessel (ERRV) – also known as a standby vessel.

Seafarers may also work on vessels employed in undersea cable-laying, dive support, construction support and anchor handling. Nautilus members are employed in this sector all around the world, but there is a strong concentration of members in the North Sea.

The most likely personnel to be members of the Union in the offshore sector are shipmasters and ship's officers (navigation, engineering and electrotechnical). Other members include ratings and offshore specialists such as dynamic positioning (DP) operators, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operators and cable engineers.

Collective bargaining agreements

Nautilus has collective bargaining (recognition) agreements with companies in this sector including the following:

  • Deeside Crewing
  • Atlas Professionals/Bibby Marine Services
  • Deep Ocean
  • Havila
  • Maersk Supply
  • North Star (Guernsey) South
  • Ocean Supply
  • Rever Offshore (Dive Techs/Marine Crew)
  • Subsea 7
  • Tidewater
  • Technip
  • V Ships (for BP Offshore Vessels)

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