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Tankers can carry oil, chemicals or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The vessels can also be used for liquid cargoes for the food and drink industry, such as fresh water, wine and molasses. Due to the high-risk nature of many tanker cargoes, ship's officers who work on these vessels need a special endorsement on their certificates of competence.

There is a good chance of finding a Nautilus member onboard a tanker anywhere in the world. Highly-trained British and Dutch seafarers are much sought-after in this sector, particularly in senior roles such as shipmaster and chief engineer.

Collective bargaining agreements

Nautilus has collective bargaining (recognition) agreements with companies in this sector including the following: [This new wording will appear on several pages so only needs to be translated once].

  • BPMS
  • BW Fleet Management
  • Crown Crewing (Whitship)
  • James Fisher
  • AP Moller/Maersk Tankers
  • PG Tankers
  • Shell International Shipping Services (SISS)

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