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Captain Fraser Matthew appears in BBC series highlighting the 'hidden heroes in the jobs that never stop'

27 April 2021

Captain Fraser Matthew has shared the reality of life at sea with viewers of a new BBC series.

In 'Dom Digs In,' television presenter Dom Littlewood meets men and women in jobs that never stop and works alongside them to get an insight into the operations that keep the Britain going.

The first episode focuses on ferry workers in the link between Northern Ireland and the UK mainland. Dom spends his time working on the Stena Estrid where he meets Nautilus member, Captain Fraser Matthew.

Capt Matthew shows Dom what life is like for a captain onboard, and in a discussion around dinner tells Dom about a captain's responsibility to be the last to leave the ship in an emergency.

'I think you have a moral obligation. I think all captains say that. And we are responsible for the care of all passengers and crew onboard,' he said.

The full episode can be watched on BBC iPlayer.


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